Best Android Mobile Apps You Should Have For 2018

As you guys know with the increase in smartphones, the numbers of android. users are also increasing. If you have got android phone and looking for best android apps of 2018, then you landed on right place. In this article today we are sharing top and best android apps of 2018. So let’s get started:

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Best Android Mobile Apps You Should Have For 2018


number one in our list is this awesome application called show box now show box is a video streaming application which lets you watch movies and TV shows without any subscription charge so if you love watching netflix or hulu but subscription charges are too much for you then you should try show box it has the biggest collection of TV shows and movies at a single place you can watch the shows live or download them natively to watch later on the app also gives you latest news regarding upcoming movies and TV shows.

The best part about the application is that it has almost every show or movie that you can think of in its collection but it also doesn’t cost a single penny to watch all  these contents all the content in the application is very well categorized in the application unlike other video streaming applications is very responsive there are some ads here and there but that’s not a big deal since every content in the app is free of charge the app unfortunately is not available on Play Store but you can download apk file from internet and install in your Android device.


The number two in our list is canva. now canva is an amazing application to make beautiful poles for all your social media platforms the application gives you ability to make gorgeous looking post even if you don’t know anything about Photoshop the application has thousands of pre-built templates which you can eat it very easily and use it in your projects most of the templates in the application of free of charge but you can also use the premium templates in your project with a canvas watermark on it you can also make banners posters cover pages magazines and presentations using thousands of templates made by other users as well and that’s not it you can change every aspect of the post and being a model or poster maker there is no limit to your creativity it’s definitely one of the best application for making beautiful looking posts for your social media platforms give it a try.

Fun ways to think 2

Next up in our list is a pretty unique and a challenging game called fun ways to thing – in the game all you have to do is complete the word using the hints for each of these levels you’ll be given a hint which could be an image or a word or it could be a combination of both earlier levels are quite easy but as the game progress the levers get more and more difficult the user interface is quite minimal and the background music is pleasing to the ear once you start the game you just can’t stop solving these puzzles the idea behind the game is to help you think logically and improve your analytical skill I personally enjoyed solving the puzzles and if that’s your taste then you’re gonna absolutely love it give it a try.

iPlayer OS 11

number 4 on our list is iOS Player 11 this is a simple music player application which is heavily inspired from Apple’s music player the application follows all the design aesthetics off the Apple products and to be honest it is one of the most gorgeous looking music players for Android the minimal design pattern gives the player kind of unique look and it’s very responsive as well.

iPlayer has its own inbuilt five band equalizer and you can change the base and surround of the music however the equalizer seems to be broken in my testing and didn’t work properly the player has it’s very own themes live ready and you can choose from a variety of themes to go according to your mood it also has inbuilt sleep timer to stop playing music after a certain interval of time really great for those who sleep listening music and wake up next day with no battery really cool app give it a try.


Next up in this list is Portra now. Portra is another great application for photo n selfie lovers the application changes your selfie photos into beautiful portraits you just have to launch the application and take a picture of whatever you want to turn into a beautiful looking watercolor portrait or detailed sketches the final result is quite awesome looking watercolor portraits and all the processes done locally unlike other application which upload the pictures to their servers.

Portra has 19 different filters to try out with and every update new filters are added to the application you can also adjust the filter strength and choose from a variety of different filters available for you to make your photos look absolutely gorgeous swiping up will change the canvas around your pictures and you can choose the one that suits you better once again Portra is indeed an amazing vacation with a very unique concept definitely worth having in your devices.


Next in our list is a game called 41148 which is developed by a game developer named modify and it’s simply wonderful in the game you wake up from your sleep and all your memory is gone the place has so many dead bodies and your task is to get out of the building alive you have to search for keys and code words to unlock the door but that’s not as easy as it seems the clues are well hidden and you have to look very sharply to find it sometimes it takes hours to clear the stage if you don’t pay enough attention.

The black white and red combination makes the game environment very realistic and fun as well on your way out you can carve different weapon using the discover items during the game and that’s quite fun the levels are quite challenging and if you like the challenges then this game will keep you one definitely try it out.


Now as the name suggests it’s a language learning application where you can learn foreign languages right from your mobile phone the application has a wide list of languages to choose from and the learning of the language is made so easy in the app that I’m pretty sure you will love it when you launch the course you will be given option to start as a beginner or someone who knows a little bit of that language after that you will see a very interactive way to practice your speaking reading listening and writing skills while playing.

You will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering question and completing lessons the application has a wide community for each language that you are learning and every time you feel confused about any word or sentence you go to the community section for each level and discuss it with thousands of other members without a doubt duolingo is the best language learning application and if you are also interested in learning a new language give it a chance all its courses are free.


FIVERR is the largest marketplace for digital services thousands of freelance
creators developers designers and entrepreneurs are available 24 by 7 for all your business needs let’s suppose if you want to design a logo for your business FIVERR is the place to start with thousands of logo designers are providing their services from various countries at fairly cheap prices you can check the ratings and previously done projects off the designer before placing
the if you are a designer yourself or you have a skill that you can sell simply join FIVERR and start earning definitely give it a try.


last application in this list is developed by Google and it’s called motion stills as the name suggests it’s a camera application which takes a bunch of photos in turn them into awesome gifs the working of the application is very simple you just have to launch the application and capture the picture of your moving object.

Once you are done with that the application will process the picture and will turn them into gif animations the best thing about the application is that it has electronic stabilization features in willed that means you can stabilize your tips even if your phone doesn’t have optical image stabilization the app also has fast forward mode to make beautiful time-lapse video but the duration is limited to one minute this is a very fun app with some really innovative technology inside definitely give it a try so there you go guys a whole bunch of awesome applications for you to try out in your Android devices.

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